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Choosing colors, whether interior or exterior is a creative process. When we are engaged to perform a paint job, we also provide support in selecting paint colors. We have a Color Consultant available specifically to help our clients with the professional advice and support you need to select colors just right for you and your home, all at NO CHARGE. If you would like to work through selecting colors yourself, here are some informational guidelines to help give you an understanding as well as ideas toward making the right choice for your space.

How To Choose The Right Colors

There are a number of elements important when considering interior paint color selections. Our Owner delivered the following before the Des Moines Home and Garden Show, and it will help you to select the color(s) that are right for you.

Lighting: Artificial/Natural

Lighting is key when choosing colors for your home. Please consider both artificial and natural light as colors will take on a different appearance in each room of your home. Lightbulbs (artificial light) will cast either a warm or cool light that will change your color quickly. Natural light will either be reflected or absorbed depending on the color you chose.

Contrasting Elements

Please keep in mind your entire space when choosing colors; trim, cabinets, furniture, window treatments, artwork. Your new color is the backdrop to these items and you want to make sure they are not fighting each other. Let them flow beautifully together while having some contrast.


Consider your flooring as well when choosing just the right color for your home. There needs to be a distinct contrast between your flooring and your wall color. A room should never feel like a box, where every element is the same and there is no contrast or distinction.


Have you ever painted a room a beige and it turned out looking pink or orange? Or have you picked a beautiful gray for the exterior of your home that turned out blue or purple? If you answered yes or you just can’t figure out why you don’t like that particular color you are considering, then you know how important undertones are when choosing colors for your home. Take your time and really look at your colors, comparing those undertones so your space will look stunning.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

If you have questions on color Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Seeking advice from others can go a long way to developing a more discerning eye and ensuring that your happy with your final color selection.

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How To Choose The Right Color

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2018 Color Trends

Here are some colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore that we have found to be Very Popular. These can be used to help in selecting a color family that will be Right for You!

Poised Taupe SW6039 (Sherwin Williams Color of the Year)
Shadow 2117-30 (Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year)
Greenery (Pantone’s Color of the Year)

Sherwin Williams

Benjamin Moore

Gale Force SW7605
Stardew SW9138
Mountain Air SW6224
High Reflective White SW7757
Saguaro SW6419
Cut the Mustard SW6384
Icelandic SW656
Sealskin SW7675
Roycroft Rose SW0034
Brandywine SW7710
Sheraton Sage SW0014

Alchemy SW6395
Black Swan SW6279
Mature Grape SW6286
Adriatic Sea SW6790
Spatial White SW6259
Rave Red SW6608
Coral Reef SW6606
Deep Forest Brown SW9175
Bee SW6683
Caviar SW6990
Marea Baja SW9185

Amulet AF-365
Sea Star 2123-30
Chalk White 2126-70
Stormy Monday 2112-50
Guacamole 2144-10
Etruscan AF-355
Porcelain 2113-60
Salamander 2050-10
Sandlot Gray 2107-50
Sea Life 2118-40
Grandfather Clock Brown 2096-30

Wet Concrete 2114-40
Wish AF-680
Ebony King 2132-20
Pink Bliss 2093-70
Cloud Cover OC-25
Night Shade 2116-10
Iceberg 2122-50
Dinner Party AF-300
Knoxville Gray HC-160
Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20
Dark Burgundy 2075-10