Warranty and Care of Your Paint Job

Our Warranty

Every Year between 50 and 70% of our work is from Repeat and Referral clients.  One of the reasons we are able to do so much Repeat and Referral business is because we STAND BEHIND OUR WORK.  OUR WARRANTY is a TWO-YEAR WARRANTY and covers our LABOR and the MATERIALS we use.  The quality materials we use and the relationships we have with our paint vendors matter. The quality of our job is only as good as the preparations we perform and the materials we use.

Touch-Up Tricks

After your surfaces have been freshly painted there is some care that will help you to maintain the quality of that paint job. We’ve listed some tips on “Essential Ways To Care for Your New Paint” that will help you maintain your Interior and / or Exterior surfaces. A little care can go a long way to help your paint last a long time. We will be here to support you after your project is complete, so please call if you need anything.

How Often Should You Repaint An Exterior

DID YOU KNOW that the average amount of time an exterior should be considered for repainting is 8 years? Now there are many factors that go into how frequently an exterior surface should be re-painted (the exposure of the property to the elements, the quality of the preparations, the quality of the paint used, etc.) but if you’re watching every few years you should get an idea of the rate of deterioration. It is normal to have to repaint areas of “High Exposure” (window sills, foundations, regularly used doors, etc.) every few years. A “Watchful Eye” will benefit your property (and your pocket book) so that you do not have to invest more money into a large re-paint that you could have done in several rounds of “Maintenance Painting”.

Here’s some information that is worth keeping in your Home Care & Maintenance file!
“Essential Ways To Care for Your New Paint”

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Here's some information that is worth keeping in your Home Care & Maintenance file!
Essential Ways To Care for Your
  New Paint

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